Documentation (PDF)


Full Tutorial (Contains 9 Videos)

All the further Tutorials are include in this one.

Step 1 : The beginning

When you just downloaded Ultimate Rpg Engine from Unity Store, You can start with this video to know more how to use it properly.

Step 2 : Setup your images Folders

I will show you how to link this package with your own Images so you can use them in-game. It's fast and easy.

Step 3 : Creating Walls

I will show you how to block characters in your game.

Step 4 : Advanced Tools

I will show you how to see your walls in the editor with Red Wall.
Also, you will be able to put many tiles at once..

Step 5 : Bridge System

I will show how to make a bridge in your game.
XBridge and YBridge.

Step 6 : Multiple Levels

You can have 5x levels one on each others which bring many nice features such as big tower, caves or dungeons.

Step 7 : Stairs (Going Up or Down)

Having multiple levels is nice, but how to change level?
In this tutorial, we will see how to do it quickly.

Step 8 : Teleport

In almost every RPG game we have teleport which bring the player anywhere... from the bottom of a cavern to the top of a tower in 1sec.

Step 9 : Above Tiles

If you want to add a little extra to your game, how about adding Above Tiles.